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What is Yaletown House?

We are a residential care facility licensed to provide 24-hour professional nursing care to individuals with complex care needs. Our resident population are adults who are no longer able to independently live at home because of specific health care requirements. In addition to nursing, we provide three meals a day, laundry and housekeeping services as well as offer recreational and social activities.

Are you a private facility?

We are a publicly funded, non-profit facility. The majority of our operating expenses (approximately 80%) are supported by the Provincial Government (Home and Community Care Branch) through the Vancouver Coastal Health  (VCH), with the remaining costs (approximately 20%) paid directly by the residents living here through a health authority determined monthly user fee (rent).

Do you only have services available to seniors?

While Yaletown House primarily designs and provides services for a senior population, we have some younger adults living in the facility. The majority of the residents however, are over 75 years of age.

Do you offer special services for individuals with dementia?

Yes, our second floor is designated as a Special Care Unit for residents with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia. Care, programs and services are specifically designed for this special population within a secured unit. The Special Care Unit is equipped with a private outdoor garden, visiting lounges and a separate eating/kitchen area.

Are there rooms available now?

All admissions are handled through the Priority Access Team, VCH. Each client has to be assessed by a case manager at the VCH to determine if they are eligible for residential care. The assessment is based on one's physical and mental health and one's ability to care for him/herself as well as levels of support and assistance required to do his or her daily activities. Sources of information for this assessment are the individual, his or her family and doctor. If interested, please contact a case manager directly at the VCH. The phone numbers for local health units are listed on our website under the Admission page: Local Health Units

How long is the waiting list and how do I get my name on it?

Yaletown House does not manage its own waitlist as the VCH determines the admission of individuals into residential care facilities. The waitlist times vary but the VCH has committed to offering a bed to those accepted for placement within three months. To start this process, contact your local Health Authority and ask to speak with the Long Term Care Assessor.Please do not call Yaletown House directly for waitlist information.

Who determines the rent and how much is it per month?

Currently each resident living at Yaletown House pays a per diem user fee (rent) based on their previous year's income tax return. This daily rate is determined by the VCH and pre-arranged by your Case Manager prior to your admission to Yaletown House. At present, (January 2017) the amounts range from $1,104.70 to $3,240 per month.

How often is the rent increased?

Whenever the Federal Government increases the Old Age Pension (OAP) and/or Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) payments, the Provincial Government and subsequently the health authority increases the user fee (rent) for residents living in residential care facilities. The user fee is increased proportionally to the OAP and GIS changes.

Can I pay rent with Visa, MasterCard or debit card?

We can arrange for an automatic monthly debit program from one's bank account but we are unable to accept credit or debit cards for payment. Our residents and families find automatic debiting accurate, easy and convenient to handle the user fee and most take advantage of this plan.

What kinds of activities are provided for me while living at Yaletown House?

In addition to our basic care, which includes 24 hour nursing, laundry, housekeeping and three meals a day (plus snacks), we also offer an array of recreational and social activities. These activities include:

Can I bring my own furniture with me when I move in?

All rooms come fully furnished. Apart from the bed and bedside table, which must remain, you may bring small items of furniture to replace those provided. Replaceable items can include: easy chair, foot stool, small writing table. Residents are encouraged to personalize their room by bringing their own pictures, mirror, comforters, bedspread, and plants. Residents may also bring small appliances such as clocks, radio, television, or lamp. These appliances have to be assessed by our Maintenance Department as approved to CSA standards.

What happens if my health deteriorates while living at Yaletown House? Can I stay or do I have to move to an increased (Extended) Care level facility?

Under the present VCH system, a reassessment to Extended Care (EC) Level no longer means an automatic transfer to an Extended Care facility. A resident assessed to EC level may have to transfer to a wheelchair accessible room. In the event a resident requires increased clinical attention that cannot be provided at Yaletown House, the transfer will be arranged together with the resident, their family and the VCH.