Christmas Party Photographs 2009
LeRoy is joined by his niece Jill

LeRoy is joined by his niece Jill The Recreation Team, as always, put on a fabulous Family Christmas Party Family Member Eleen and her friend Maureen take part in the Strolling Carols

Christmas Party Photographs 2009

December 14,2009

This year's Christmas celebrations held on December 9 were great fun with lots of families and friends in attendance to share in the joy of the Season. As always, extra special thanks to Roger McKie of Dressew Supplies, who is the real Santa.

With the theme, The Gift of Family, we are pleased to share a poem written by Marlene Gauntley, Recreation Therapist, which was read at our Family and Friends event:

They're not wrapped in boxes with wrappings so neat
They don't come in stockings with a sales gift receipt
When gathered together around the bright Christmas tree,
Is when we all celebrate the gift of our family.

Families bring joy and families bring strife
They are divinely selected to share our whole life
Together we face the future and remember our past
The bond of a family will always last

But those aren't the only people we cherish Christmas day,
It's the family of friends we make along the way.
Some stay for moments and others all the way through
Your friends are the special people chosen by you.

So Merry Christmas to our families, both relative and friend,
Our love and our thanks to you we send.

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