Christmas Party Photographs 2010
Thanks to Roger "Santa" McKie, the Christmas Tree had 130 presents

Executive Director, Carol Crichton (3rd from the right), is joined by the wonderful Recreation Team Members who organized all Christmas events for 2010! <p>As well as handing out many presents, Santa posed with residents and staff (and his wife) for special keepsake photographs. </p>
<i>Special Thanks to Arnie</i> Thanks to Roger

Christmas Party Photographs 2010

December 22,2010
Yaletown House hosted many wonderful Christmas themed events this year including Tree Decorating Parities, Visiting Choirs, our Annual Family and Friends night, Breakfast with Santa, photos with Santa, and the Sights, Smells and Taste of Christmas - a new event specially designed for residents who require small group programming. Our thanks to the many who attended one or more of these festive celebration and helped us share in the joy of the Season. Extra special thanks to Roger McKie of Dressew Supplies, who is the real Santa providing over 20 years of giving at Christmas.

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