Holiday Celebrations
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John gets a Christmas present from Santa Claus Thererapeutic Recreation Team Member 130 gifts under the tree thanks to Santa Roger McKie

Holiday Celebrations

January 8,2013

2012 was another successful Holiday Season filled with warmth and love. The month long festivities were made possible thanks to some wonderful people:

  • Thank you to Roger McKie of Dressew Supplies who continued his 21 year tradition of providing each resident with a personalized gift to open on Christmas morning.
  • Thank you to the many families and friends who visited our home in December,
  • To the staff from all departments who helped share the joy of the festivities with everyone.
  • Special acknowledgement to the Recreation Team who planned and carried out all the Holiday events to make our residents' Christmas Season the best: Cori, Tammy, Marlene, Maren, Lyndia, Valerie, Janelle, Pam, Emily, Coral and Mayumi.
  • We also could not have done all the events without our volunteers; our singers from Killarney Secondary School, to gift wrappers, slide show photographer Dianna, breakfast with Santa team from Methanex, and Family and Friends night servers - so many of you to thank!

  • We are pleased to share a poem written by Marlene, Recreation Therapist, which was read by Michael, a volunteer, at our Christmas Family and Friends night:

    We welcome you residents,
    family and friends
    Find a comfortable seat
    and adjust your zoom lense

    Enjoy all the carols,
    the food and the fun
    There'll be plenty of all three
    by the time we are done.

    It's Christmas at Yaletown,
    Two thousand and twelve
    So put a smile on your face
    like a wee jolly elf.

    Celebrate all the beauty
    of this season so bright
    With reckless abandon
    we'll sing into the night

    For this merry good time
    only comes once a year
    So celebrate with us now
    We're so glad that you're here!

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