Parking, Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs


Yaletown House is pleased to provide six visitor parking spaces at the rear of the building available for resident visits. These spaces are monitored regularly to ensure that only authorized and registered visitors are using the spaces. To access the parking area, visitors need to proceed down the alleyway directly adjacent to Yaletown House. If you are parking here, please always register your license plate number on the clipboard located in the main reception area when entering the facility to prevent towing.

Pick-Ups & Drop-Offs

Our front driveway is reserved to allow access for emergency vehicles, handi-dart (BC Transit), drop off/pick up and the Yaletown House bus. We appreciate that families need an area to pick up or drop off their residents; however we would ask for your cooperation in adhering to our 3-minute limit when using the driveway.


There is a space near the building entrance marked "service vehicles only" - so that companies providing building service needs can easily access their tools and supplies while repairing or servicing equipment. We ask that families do not park in this spot. As well, we ask that visitors do not park in front of the Yaletown House bus, or on the ramp in the front of the building as these parking spots are reserved for emergencies, service vehicles and authorized staff.

If you have any question about parking at Yaletown House or are concerned about unauthorized parking, please see Ana, our Receptionist or Ana Gower, Director, Building Services: 604.806.4209 or