Refreshing, Renewing and Revitalizing

What has taken place so far?

  • For nearly 12 months in 2006/07, Teams of Yaletown House stakeholders (board members, management, staff, families, and residents) met with Architects and Interior Designers to discuss ideas, challenges, and solutions for modernizing the facility. From these important and collaborative meetings, we developed specific strategies to carry out our redevelopment plans.
  • We introduced the redevelopment plans to residents, families and staff via the Christmas card greeting, the Resident and Family Council Meetings (Jan-March), the Family and Friends bi-monthly mail out and at Family Night Events (Dec-March). We value the feedback provided by all interested parties.
  • In March, we met and toured representatives from the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) agency to discuss the possibility of cost sharing some of the renovation projects, ie matching what we can fundraise. We have not heard back from VCH yet.
  • In preparation for the resident lounges on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor (East wing), the pony walls (1/2 walls) were removed from the corridor ends to make way for the unit lounges. Once complete, these areas will be used for small group programs and available for family visiting.
  • As part of the renovation project, the 2nd floor unit, which is designated Special Care, has had wood-laminate floors installed,which is similar to all the units now. As well the craft room was also funished with wood-laminate.

What is happening now?

  • As part of the renovation project, new tub rooms on each floor have been framed for the installations of 3 new style tubs. We anticipate the tubs to be in place by July 2007. Also as part of the renovation project, satellite nursing stations (located next to the tub rooms) are being framed for the development of a 3rd and 4th floor sub nursing station. These new stations will provide increased staff presence in the West wing. We are awaiting Government funding for the satellite nursing station and expect to complete construction by late Autumn 2007.
  • A fundraising brochure detailing our needs and our solutions is being developed and includes the history of the facility, today’s resident’s requirements, project budgets, architect drawings of the renovations and photographs of our community, including residents, families and staff. Once complete the brochure will act as a case statement summarizing our plan and will be presented to foundations, service clubs, corporations, families and other donors.
  • We have recently met with several potential corporate donors and foundations representatives to share our vision of the project and ask for support. We are very encouraged with the responses we have received so far.

What is happening next?

  • A draft of the fundraising brochure has been presented to families and other interested parties asking feedback. We thank our tremendous supporters for taking the time to met with us and give honest and inspiring feedback. Once the brochure is complete (Summer 2007), we will be approaching external groups asking for their support. As financial support increases and we get closer to our goal, we will be launching a public campaign giving everyone an opportunity to be a part of our renovation project and our success.
  • As part of the renovation project, the outer part of the Social Worker office will be redeveloped to be the Family Room. This room will be used as a quiet space for families needing counseling or private time. The Family Room is also equipped with a day-bed for individuals who need a place to rest or stay the night if their family member is palliative. This will be one of the first areas expected to be completed by late 2007 and we hope to show the renovated space as a hallmark of our overall Capital Campaign.
  • As our fundraising campaign develops, we will continue to work with our Architects and Interior Designers to prepare for the renovations to Yaletown House.

Be a part of our Success:

Yaletown House is inviting the community to be a part of our
success. We welcome families’ support to make Yaletown House a better
home to the 130 elders we care for today and tomorrow.
Please contact Carol Crichton, Executive Director 604 806-4202
or Lynn Parkin, Director of Communications and Community Relations at 604 806-4210 for more information.