Therapeutic Programs

We recognize the need for positive recreation and leisure experiences at any age or stage of life. There are a wide variety of programs available seven days a week.  Some of the current services available are:

Exercises, Gardening, Crafts, Tea times, bus trips, matinees, bowling, bingo, card games, baking and sewing, knitting and pet visits.

A monthly calendar of events is available online and details the extensive programs that change regularly.

March Recreation Programs

In addition to our in-house recreation staff, we offer contract services:

Music Therapy – we offer five day a week music in large and small group settings that include walk to music, hand bell choir, evening sing-along and musical expression.

Art Therapy – our art therapist offers group class and individual encouragement to help the residents continue their passion or discover a hidden talent.

Horticulture Therapy – our year round garden programs are lead by two-horticulture therapists who engage the residents in growing plants from seeds, tending flower beds and a variety of plant related programs.  We are fortunate to have a local florist donate cut flowers weekly for residents to make their own floral bouquets.

Spiritual Care  -Starting from the point of admission, our non-denominational programs respects each residents’ unique set of spiritual experiences and religious expressions.

Our recreation team continually evaluates our programs with input from residents and families.

We also regularly welcome outside musicians, dance performers and guest speakers.

For more information, contact: