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Leroy plants a commemorate tree

Greenhouse Renovations Celebration!

We would like to thank the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Senior’s for its support of the Greenhouse renovations. New cabinetry, workspaces and furnishings have improved the functionality of this popular area. As the cornerstone of our Horticulture Therapy Program, the Greenhouse is used daily by residents, volunteers, visitors and staff. Our gardening activities range from learning to plant from seed, creating and tending flowerbeds, growing vegetables and herbs and arranging fresh flowers.

A celebration party, attended by resdients, staff and famlies, was hosted in our courtyard garden on July 19. Festivities included official ribbon cutting and tree planting ceramonies, music by Lyndia, poetry by Marlene and cake. Thank you to everyone who made our greenhouse a better space.

Greenhouse Poem, By Marlene

If you’re down and need a lift,
A quiet spot to rest
In all kinds of weather, you’ll find no place better
The greenhouse is the best

Protected in this clear cocoon
Hear raindrops hit the glass
Watch in warmth with a cup of tea
As the autumn leaves blow past.

Streams of sunlight bounce off each leaf
As you create a floral bouquet
Dig your hands into the soil,
a perfect place to play.

So thanks to all who gave our room
A beautiful brand new look
It’s a little piece of Eden
A restful little nook.