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David Farrell Yaletown House Board Member, who was instrumental in securing the gift (centre back) is joined by Ardis Nelson (left) Foundation President, Carol Crichton (right) Executive Director along with residents following the thank you ceremony

Radcliffe Foundation donates $50,000

In 2008, The Radcliffe Foundation launched our first million by making a donation of $71,000 towards the Music Therapy Renovations. Today they are at the forefront of our second million dollar milestone. In support of the Resident Room Renovations, we are very pleased to announce a gift from the Radcliffe Foundation for $50,000 in support of the Resident Room Renovations on the second floor.

We are honoured, delighted and grateful to accept this generous gift from them. Our resident room renovations are a key component of the Quality of Life Starts at Home campaign. As the only personal and private space that our seniors can call home, we want to make it a place of pride for them and their families.

Thank you to the Radcliffe Foundation for believing in Quality of Life Starts at Home and continuing to enrich the lives of seniors.