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Members of Yaletown Houes Foundation stand in the new Lounge: LtoR: Rolf Paterson, Board Member; Carol Crichton, Executive Director; Jan Volker, Board Member; Jennifer Johnstone, Board Member; Ardis Nelson, President; Margaret Watts, Society Member; Margaret McPhee, Board Member and Jim Ferguson, Board Member

Renovation Update – Main Lounge

Yaletown House is delighted to announce that the renovation work on the Main Lounge is progressing very well and most areas are completed or near completion. The Family Fireside Lounge is just completed with the reviews already coming in from residents, families, staff and visitors. All feedback has been exceptionally positive. Compliment includes: “I simply enjoy sitting here more now” and “it is so welcoming and comfortable”.

Once the entire lounge is complete, we will be hosting a donor recognition party to thank EVERYONE who helped make the Main Lounge the beautiful space it is today.