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Volunteer Leo helps serve up some of the wonderful snacks

Christmas 2011

Another Christmas Season of family, good friends and delicious treats. As always (for 20 years) Roger McKie of Dressew Supplies provided each resident with a personalized gift to open on that special morning. Thank you to the many guests who visited our home in December and to the staff who helped share the joy of the festivities with everyone.

We are pleased to share a poem written by Marlene, Recreation Therapist, which was read by Michael, a volunteer, at our Christmas Family and Friends night:

Another party and another year

So break out the egg nog and be of good cheer

Come in from outside and come down from your floor

Let’s celebrate Christmas together once more.

Joyeux Noel and Feliz Navidad

May our time here together leave your heart feeling glad

There’ll be singing and snacking and drinks from the bar

but not very many or you can’t drive your car.

So cast off your worries and wipe off your gloom

Embrace all friendships you find in this room

Sing the old carols with all of your might

It’s okay if you don’t get the words out just right

This Christmas we hope that you don’t feel alone

That Yaletown House is also Yaletown Home

We are glad you are here, each and every one

So let’s start this party and have us some fun.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!