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A toast to our donors and our new bus. Ardis Nelson, Foundation President, Donors: Roger McKie, Richard Collins – Lions, Tim Lim – Family, Mike Kelly – Volunteer, Chris Sargent – Lions, Wayne Tullson – Lions, Francis Yeung – Lions and Carol Crichton, Executive Director

Thanks for the Ride!

A little bit of Vancouver rain couldn’t dampen the Yaletown House Bus Welcoming Celebration!

Thank you to everyone who attended our event on April 5th to christen our new bus Van Go (or Van Gogh). We could not have achieved success without these generous people:

Dressew Supply (Roger McKie), Yaletown Lions Club, Dorothy Ash and Mike Kelly, Pearl Lim Family, Concord Pacific Development Inc, Tamiko Haraga Family, The McLean Foundation, The Hamber Foundation, By the Sea 5 Supporters, And the families & friends that donated

Thanks to these fine folks, our residents will be out and about enjoying Vancouver adventures to such wonderful places like Stanley Park, Jericho Beach, Steveston Landing and the occasional Triple-O burger at Whitespot.
“Champagne” was smashed, ribbons were cut, songs were song and a great bus welcoming event was enjoyed by all.
Thank you for getting our wheels in motion and back on the road.

Thanks for the Ride!

By Marlene Gauntley

Well it’s been quite a while since we’ve gone for a spin

And we’re getting pretty antsy for bus trips to begin

But before we go and let the road be our guide

We want to thank you for the ride,

We want to thank you for the ride

Because without your help we would not get too far

Now we’re cruising the streets like geriatric rockstars

In our brand new bus that fills us up with pride

So we thank you for the ride,

We want to thank you for the ride.

We would love to acknowledge each and everyone

Who gave us some money since this project begun

So we’ve plastered your names onto both bus sides

Just to thank you for the ride

We want to thank you for the ride