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Cori helps show of some of the cards made by Kelly and friends

Christmas 2017 – a Few Good Elves to Thank

We would like to thank the following individuals and groups for making our Christmas 2017 a whole lot MERRIER at Yaletown House:

Card makers – Volunteer Kelly, with the help of her work-mates at Cossette, created 127 individual and personalized Christmas cards for every resident. In addition, the Vancouver Brownies Division 3 also joined in the spirit of giving and made a collection of cards. All the cards were beautiful, funny and touched the lives of our residents by giving them a special hello from a friend.

Holiday Event Volunteers –A mighty team of elves helped to make our December events a success. From tree trimming, to caroling, to handing out special treats, volunteers worked diligently to add a burst of festive fun to our Whoville Christmas Theme. Special acknowledgement to Awesome Al who resumed his role of Santa, and to RBC Staff from the Yaletown and Nelson Street Branches who sang carols and helped Santa distribute his presents.

Santa – Santa McKie, also known as Roger McKie, has never missed his on-time delivery of Christmas goodies. Roger provides the funds and our in-house team hits the malls, the superstores and the chocolate vendors to fill up each residents’ stockings to the brim. Thank you Roger and Dressew Supply for so many years of support – and not just at Christmas time.

Present Wrappers – For 16 years, volunteer Darci and her team of hardworking friends have tied, tapped and bowed 127 presents for our residents. Their fine wrapping skills ensure that all parcels are ready for Santa to delivery the goods. Earlier this year, Darci and her friends also hand-strung over 50 leis to distribute to our guests at the fundraiser Bollywood By the Beach6. Yeah Team!! (/p>

Our Dedicated Staff – All departments: care, dietary, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, and administration contributed in many different and important ways to make the holidays a special time. Team Recreation of course put the bow on top and made it all come together so magically!